About Okanjo

Okanjo, based in Wisconsin, is disrupting the affiliate marketing space by providing affiliate and influencer networks, publishers, subnetworks, retailers, and brands with an easy to use and innovative SaaS platform, consolidating all affiliate programs into one interface. The short is, one search, all products, all data, all networks solution can save time and increase affiliate sales and revenue.

The Team


Mike Drescher


Michael Drescher is a TEDx speaker and has spent his entire career as an innovator and pioneer in technology, healthcare, and the arts.


Jeff Rowe


Jeff Rowe has been a senior creative exectuive at VH-1, NBC, AOL, and NPR. Jeff brings innovative experience across digital mediums.


James Green


James Green is Okanjo’s CEO and the former Vice President of Digital for Lee Enterprises.


Kevin Fitzgerald


Kevin Fitzgerald is the CTO of Okanjo. He has over 20 years of development experience across many industries.


Ryan Greenberg

Head of Partnerships and Business Development

Ryan Greenberg is the Head of Partnerships and Business Development for Okanjo.


Rachel Stawicki


Rachel Stawicki is Okanjo's current controller and is responsible for Okanjo's financial and administrative operations.

Christian Hendricks

Advisor (Extol Digital)

Christian Hendricks brings decades of experience working with business leaders to align products and services, and marketing messaging with customer expectations and needs.

Tobias Bennett

Advisor (Local Media Consortium)

Tobias Bennett works with publishers within the LMC to monitor results, delivery of optimizations, and parnterships. Tobias also advises Okanjo on everything publishers.