The SmartServe Ad Unit

SmartServe drives digital revenue for both publishers and brands.

For publishers, SmartServe enhances your content, instead of distracting your readers. Our technology dynamically creates an understanding of what your content is about and who your readers are, optimizing the products and content that are recommended.

For brands, SmartServe helps your products appear to engaged audiences at the perfect moments. Leveraging user profiles, machine learning and contextual matching, SmartServe placements of your products drive more website visits and deeper engagement. 


How It Works

Our technology dynamically recommends products or articles that based on the individual reader. Okanjo's platform uses IBM's Watson to build contextual algorithms, data science to build user profiles and artificial intelligence to select products.  



Leveraging IBM’s Watson, SmartServe analyzes content for keywords, context and sentiment to recommend products and articles that readers want to see. With access to millions of products from top brands and modern content, it’s no surprise that SmartServe units perform 120% better than standard ads. 


Control the content that shows by setting easy-to-understand parameters, ensuring the right product or article is served. Our innovative Farm tool allows teams to filter, curate and group products by commission rate, categories, brands, price and more.


Intelligent User Profiles

We create and leverage shopper profiles that allow us to serve the most targeted products, and we share our data with our publishing partners.


Smart Product Matching

Using both audience profiles and contextual content matching, artificial intelligence matches products that provide the highest yield.


Native Design

SmartServe dynamically takes on the look-and-feel of any website, inheriting its fonts, colors and more.
See examples of customization here

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