Serve Style Options


Serve units come with several different styling options that can be easily configured, with no CSS experience needed.

The most popular customization options include:

• Number of products to show
• Grid (text under picture) or list (text next to picture) layout
• Button or link for call to action
• Custom color for button text and mouse-over
• Custom text for button

Popular Placements

Right Rail

The Serve unit can easily fit into one of your existing ad slots on your right rail. The option pictured fits perfectly into an existing 300 x 250 space.


End of Content

As readers complete an article, it’s the perfect time to get their attention with relevant and native products. The Serve unit allows you to engage visitors at this key opportunity.


Middle of Content

Placing the Serve unit within your content makes sure products are top of mind while the reader is engaged with the article. This option works especially well with mobile.


Native Placement

Serve units can enhance content with as a native placement, fitting perfectly into the body of an article or post.