A New Retail Channel


There are essentially two ways to sell products on the internet:

  1.  Make sure your eCommerce site is highly optimized so your products are the first thing a consumer’s product search presents – This actually works well.  
  2. Bombard online readers with annoying banner ads for a wide array of products, most of which they are not interested in buying – This does not work and is quickly becoming old school.  

What if there were a better way to sell to consumers via a new and innovative advertising channel?

Okanjo’s SmartServe™ AI dynamically matches your products to articles with content relating to how or where your products are used.  Unlike banner ads that invade a reader’s space, these ads enhance the readers experience by offering products readers are mostly likely to want.  

Retailers know good merchandising is just not for brick and mortar stores. Okanjo places your products within the boundaries of the article itself, to where your buyers really are.