Stop annoying your readers and start generating ad revenue


As a publisher you want to focus on one thing – publishing stories.  Generating advertising revenue is a means to an end.  

Traditional banner ads are dead. Lack of real targeting makes it near impossible to guarantee the ad is even seen by someone who wants it.  Click through rates are rapidly declining, banner blockers are rising and banner ads are slowing down page load times creating a negative reader experience. Readers simply give up and leave your page.  It’s called Banner Blindness.

Okanjo allows you to offer your advertisers a brand safe, effective way to advertise and sell without annoying your readers.  

SmartServe™, Okanjo’s breakthrough AI, actually reads your stories and matches relevant products to your content. Unlike banner ads, these are not just random products that have paid for placement.

Readers are on your site because they are interested in your content, why not reward them with products they are interested in?