Tech That Drives Revenue & Enhances Content

We provide brands and digital publishers with easy-to-use tools that enhance content, increase audience engagement and drive new revenue—without using click-bait, invasive ad take-overs or annoying pop-ups.



Syndicated content, targeting millennials. Helps digital publishers drives new revenue and readers.

Pressed provides engaging content to publishers, opening up new ad, sponsorship, and affiliate opportunities.



The Farm

The easiest way to manage products from multiple affiliate networks and advertising partners. 

Okanjo's Farm is a breakthrough tool that brings together products from different brands, advertisers and affiliate networks into one location. Using the Farm, publishers, writers and editors can easily filter and curate eCommerce products based on commission, categories, merchant, price and performance. The Farm makes affiliate advertising easier and more effective than ever before.


Dynamically matches products with content using artificial intelligence, user profiles & context algorithms.

SmartServes matches products from our vast library of merchants to the most relevant content and readers across our network. For publishers, this provides a better user experience, showing readers products that compliment their interests. For brands, this drives organic product discovery and deeper engagement.