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Pressed serves up modern, millennial-focused content to help online publishers cater a younger audience and increase their social relevance. Syndicating Pressed content is as easy as using our RSS feed or adding a link to a new content instance.


What To Expect

We write content that is timely, topical, fun and easy to read. Our content is written by the same audience you're trying to target. With a Pressed subscription, you'll have access to:



Pressed articles are easy to digest, culturally-relevant content.


Our content is created to inspire product discovery through our SmartServe technology.

Gift Guides

Our highly-curated gift guides touch on every holiday.



Locally-focused custom content pieces perform 88% higher than similar articles.

Instant Delivery

Use our RSS feed to automatically and instantly receive all Pressed content without any new dev time. In addition, our content is written to take on your site's look and feel, creating a seamless integration.


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