There's A Better Way To Add Products To Your Content

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Let’s get real: managing affiliate networks is hard. Managing multiple affiliate networks is a huge time suck. The upside? Those affiliate programs have the potential to bring in some serious revenue for your blog or business. But why does it have to be so hard? If you are responsible for managing affiliate relationships then chances are you have found yourself 27 pages deep in khaki pants and on the brink of a meltdown when you realize all of that work you did last week...yeah, those links are now dead. Luckily there is an easier way.

Welcome to life on the Farm.

The Farm was a tool built out of the frustrations that came with managing affiliate networks, relationships and spreadsheets (so many spreadsheets). The Farm is a smart tool that helps online publishers navigate through the world of affiliate networks. With the Farm, online publishers can manage affiliate relationships and keep their native ads and product placements fresh. Here’s how it works:

The Farm Is A Homebase

Okanjo's Farm puts all products from your direct relationship with advertisers and all of your networks into one place. You can view every product available to you in the same search.

The Farm Lets You Compare Commissions

Pick the products and merchants that will drive the most revenue. Comparison and selection is easy. 

The Farm Lets You Filter

Filter by merchant, affiliate network, category, commission, and performance. Not only can you compare commissions, but you can select filters to compare products based on price, brand, and more. Easily pick the products that best fit your article and revenue goals.

The Farm Allows You To Worker Smarter, Not Harder

Organize products into groups (we call them “buckets”) and using Okanjo’s proprietary artificial intelligence, they fill themselves. Writing an article on spring cleaning? Automatically populate the best products. You set your keywords, commission baselines and product types—the AI does the rest. This helps minimize dead links and helps you maintain evergreen content.

The Farm cuts product curation time in half, keeps products placement fresh and enhances your content. Need more proof? Check out the video below to see the comparison. Ready to chat? Schedule a call.