9 Gifs That Perfectly Describe Managing Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs—help you sell the products you love and make some cash doing it. This can be a great boost for your blog or business and can bring in some serious revenue. But it's not all fun and games. Here are 9 gifs that perfectly sum up your relationship with affiliate programs.

1. Trying to show the intern how to navigate through the land of affiliate programs

2. Realizing all of your links are dead

3. Finding yourself 27 pages deep in khaki pants

4. When the network is down and you can't find a customer service number to call

5. "No Matches Were Found"

6. Trying to find product performance metrics

7. "Results: 1 - 25 of (too many links found, showing first 1,000)"

8. Coming across really great products...with skewed Images

9. When a children's motorcyle is the month's best performing product

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