Solving Our Own Problems... And Yours


Online content that features and highlights products has become incredibly popular. Gawker (RIP) helped build the model—write about cool products and get paid on clicks or sales. It's affiliate marketing, but with a native twist.

This model is booming for online publishers; it's building new, digital revenue and engaging audiences in a unique way. It has even helped popularize a new career, the "eCommerce Editor".

The opportunity of curated product placements is huge, but it's not necessarily glamorous, and frankly, it's hard work.

At Okanjo, we build eCommerce tools for online publishers. In helping them come up with solutions for product placements, we personally felt the pain (specifically, khaki pant pain and affiliate troubles). And then, we decided to make it better. We've spent the last 18 months perfecting our newest product, The Farm.

The Farm is a tool for any online publisher to runs native ads, product placements or who uses an affiliate network. Here are the problems the Farm solves:

One-Stop Shop

Sometimes publishers have direct brand relationships, sometimes they're loyal to an affiliate provider, sometimes they work between 3+ affiliate networks, and most often, it's a combination of all three. Either way, this requires a ton of time and work in tracking down products and viewing product options. Okanjo's Farm puts all products from your direct relationships and all of your networks into one place. You can view every product available to you in the same search.

Filter Every Which Way

Viewing all of your products in one place is great, but you make the best product decision when you can compare them. With the Farm, search products and compare base on commission, price and brand. Pick the products that best fit your article or your revenue goals.


This is where it gets fun. Organize products into buckets, turn them on, and by using artificial intelligence, they fill themselves. Writing an article on spring cleaning? Automatically populate the best products. You set your keywords, commission baselines and product types—the AI does the rest.

Minimize Dead Links

Affiliates and brands constantly rotate inventory, sell out of product or just kill links. With the Farm, we automatically refill products, so even if a product is "dead", it'll automatically be replaced with a similar product. This helps publishers maintain evergreen content. Another hat tip to AI.

Measure Results In New Ways

Publishers can see product selections by writer, category, commission rate and brand. Learn who on your team curates best for which types of products and what categories shine for your publication.

With our team, The Farm has been a game-changer. It's cut our product curation time in half, allowed us to nearly eliminate dead links and is helping us manage to higher commission rates. For our partners, this translates into more digital revenue. Which is definitely a problem, solved. 


Let us show you how using our new Farm can help you save time and headache.