Wrapped And Ready Holiday eCommerce

We’re on a roll! Last Thursday, Okanjo hosted our second AMA, this time on Holiday eCommerce. It was an opportunity for our publisher partners to ask us anything about leveraging Okanjo’s platform to increase eCommerce revenue.

It’s no secret that holiday shopping is big business. For the 2015 holiday season, eCommerce will hit $83 Billion, over a 10% increase from last year*. This isn’t all Amazon and Wal-Mart, businesses of all sizes contribute to this total. Okanjo helps premium publishers democratize eCommerce in their local communities. This can easily be a holiday game-changer for SMBs.

In our AMA, we addressed how important holiday eCommerce is and we answered questions about holiday-specific strategies. We covered:

  • The role of mobile in holiday eCommerce
  • Social media ideas to supplement eCommerce
  • Real publisher holiday campaign examples

You can download the summary of the AMA, but here’s one of our favorite highlights, “Wrapped and Ready”. This is a holiday spin on “Click and Collect” — the growing trend where consumers shop and buy online, then pick up in-store. How it works:

SMBs advertise select items in an Okanjo Shoppable Ad. They note that the item is wrapped & ready to go. Shoppers buy instantly, without leaving their content, then pick up the wrapped item in-store. “Wrapped and Ready” is a great display ad up sell and perfect campaign to target last minute online shoppers and drive in-store traffic.

Take a look at the full AMA for more holiday info and strategies. And stay tuned, we’ll have another exciting AMA in early December.

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