With Ad Blocking, Quality Matters

With the release of iOS 9, a flurry of panic and discussion around ad blocking has hit the online publishing industry. And with good reason. Ads drive a huge amount of revenue, $27.5 billion in the US for the first half of 2015 (19% higher than 2014). Blocking ads messes with revenue, but ad blockers aren’t going to topple the $60+ billion online advertising industry in one fell swoop. The industry is too big, too important and touches too many. But, the cream is going to rise to the top.

At its core, ad blocking is a response to bad ads. Most ad blockers allow “acceptable” ads. They focus on blocking “bad” ads. Bad ads are ads that trick you into clicking, inhibit site functionality and/or obscure page content.

At Okanjo, our goal is to help online publishers build ad revenue and open new revenue streams by integrating Native Commerce. In this vein, one of our goals is to make display ads better.

Okanjo’s Product Match and Shoppable Ads are less invasive, more relevant to content, fit into native placements and are clearly marked as ads with “Buy Now” buttons. As a result, Okanjo is having no trouble with ad blocking software. We have tested several ad blockers in both mobile and desktop. The images, above, show what the ad blockers are hiding and showing in our tests. Okanjo’s units are highlighted in blue and are not being blocked.

So far, so good. But, ad blocking is going to continue to evolve and be a hot topic — we’re staying tuned. Okanjo is committed to making sure we provide publishers and advertisers with quality ad units that can drive revenue.

PublishersMegan Baylerian