What Exactly is Native Commerce?

It’s 2016—by now you have probably heard of Native Advertising and chances are you have dabbled with eCommerce. So, what is Native Commerce? 

  1. Helping advertisers better engage with customers by offering targeted and non-disruptive ad placements. Okanjo’s Native Commerce ads are contextually matched. Placed within content based on keywords and sentiment, only the most relevant products are shown.
  2. Giving online publishers new passive revenue by providing an innovative way to leverage their content, enhance their ad offerings and keep readers on their site and engaged with their ads. Customers discover, engage and purchase without leaving their content.
  3. Transforming content into commerce by capitalizing on two key elements—traffic and trust—and matching products to relevant content at the moment of interest.

Okanjo’s Native commerce is seamless, highly targeted and non-disruptive. Seamless as it delivers advertisements that compliment the look and feel of the publisher’s site. Highly targeted as it delivers products that are relevant to the content, helping advertisers better connect with customers. Non-disruptive as the entire transaction happens within the ad, without taking the user off-site.

Native Commerce is a win/win for advertisers and publishers.

eCommerceMegan Baylerian