SMBs vs

The year is 2019.  Online retailer,, is like a major storm that has rolled over the entire country, only missing a small corner of the U.S. That small corner is home to SMBs. They have crouched down to brace the storm. When the dust settles, they come out from hiding, wipe off the dirt, and realize they have – for the most part – escaped undamaged.

For SMBs, that is the future they can hope for as Amazon continues to dominate, currently owning a 38% share of the consumer eCommerce market in the U.S. There is no stopping Amazon. On Prime Day 2016, the retailer had 74% of all US consumer eCommerce.

Does this mean Amazon is just going to squash all small businesses? Not exactly. The hope for SMBs is that consumers will go to Amazon to buy mainstream online, and go boutique for everything else. What makes us believe SMBs are in a healthy state? One indication is Shopify’s recent reported earnings of 93% percent revenue growth vs. the year-ago quarter.

So if the future is Amazon vs. everyone else (read SMBs), then everyone else needs to step up to the plate.

Amazon makes it incredibly easy for consumers to find, purchase and receive products. SMBs need to play the same game. Amazon’s growth will only reduce the remaining friction points of online shopping, and the rest of businesses (large and small) can ride that wave. But that wave won’t be smooth unless there is an equally seamless experience for consumers. So what do SMBs need to do:

  • Easy shipping
  • Easy access to products online, at relevant moments
  • An encompassing online presence — mobile/desktop, search, content, social media, etc.
  • Top-of-mind awareness among consumers

Okanjo’s Product Match and Shoppable Ad technology makes product exposure mindless, seamless and makes purchasing stupid easy.

Product Match places products next to relevant content on publisher sites. This helps consumers discover and engage with SMB powerful and organic way. Shoppable Ads enable the consumer to purchase with ease, making the entire process flawless.

The future is coming, and we’re ahead of the game.

eCommerceMegan Baylerian