Slack – What It Is And How We Use It

Named’s Company of the Year for good reason, Slack is “team communication for the 21st century”. Founded by Canadian born, Stewart Butterfield, it has been widely touted as the fastest-growing business app ever. Their mission? To make your working life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive. So much so that companies like eBay, NASA, and HBO are signing in to share, communicate and collaborate. Continue reading to learn what makes Slack so special, and why we prefer it as our team communication tool.

First off, what is Slack?

Slack is a business collaboration software composed of channels, private channels and direct messages. A channel is open and visible to everyone on your team. Make a channel for a specific project, or a topic. Private channels are best used for specific teams (like Marketing or Sales) and are just that—private. Direct messages are, you guessed it, direct messages between one team member and another.

But that description just feels cheap, when talking about Slack. After all, they didn’t win company of the year for being a glorified chat room. It’s more than just a messaging/collaboration tool. It’s apt for file sharing; images, documents, spreadsheets, pdfs and more. The result? Fewer emails, and more efficiency. Fewer meetings, and more productivity. If used to its full potential, it can be the central hub for your business.

How does Okanjo use Slack?

Okanjo uses Slack to communicate with its partners in two main ways: the #general channel and direct messaging. The #general channel is more of an open forum, where publishers and brands can openly and transparently discuss a topic or idea. Everyone that participates in the channel is given the ability to pitch in their answers or feedback. This is a great place to post relevant articles, ask general questions, provide helpful feedback and propose innovative ideas. 

Direct messaging provides a way to privately reach someone to discuss secure matters, such as sales reports or financial documents. By using Slack’s file sharing capabilities, partners can upload sensitive files (like data reports) directly to an Okanjo team member.  Not only is Slack secure, it is accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop, making your sensitive communication seamless. 

We’ve just begun to skim the surface on the many benefits of Slack, and why we use it to collaborate with our clients. If you are an Okanjo partner, or are planning to become one, apply for our channel here.