Purchase Starts With Product Discovery


At Okanjo, we’re always asked, “What do you see for transactions”, “What’s your average CPA?” and some variation of “How much will I sell?”

And absolutely, of course, 100% — we built our technology to help brands and advertisers sell. After all, the end goal for marketing efforts is sales. But it’s rarely a straight line from marketing campaign to sale. It’s more of a funnel, a journey, or a process.

Okanjo’s technology fills a fast growing need for consumers — instant (and secure) purchase. We make it incredibly easy for consumers to learn about products, about brands, and to make their purchase. But while our Product Match placements and Shoppable Ads flatten the sales funnel, we don’t completely eliminate the customer journey.

Because of this, we don’t focus on transactions. At least not yet. But we still measure and track. Here are three key metrics we look at:

  1. Clicks, especially in comparison to similar ad and product placements that aren’t shoppable or contextual.
  2. Post-click engagement, tracking the activity that happens within our ad units and placements. This includes clicks to the merchant, adding info into form fields and clicking through screens.
  3. Product page traffic, measuring how many users go to a different source to learn about the product.

We focus on engagement and discovery. Both of these lead to transactions. But if you just look at the sale, you disregard the process and the value of the customer’s journey.

The bottom line? Transactions matter, but product discovery is important too. It comes first, and it’s an important, productive part of the customer journey.

MetricsMegan Baylerian