People Buy Products

Branding isn’t only great—it’s important. It builds our awareness and shapes how much we spend. But, at the end of the day, consumers will buy products. Online, this translates into eCommerce and product advertising. Brands and retailers are in tune with this and getting smarter about focusing on products. You see this with product reviews, retargeting, email campaigns and most importantly, with the massive growth of Google Shopping campaigns.

Google Shopping, formerly called Product Listing Ads (PLAs) are paid product listings. They’re the products featured at the top of the results page when you search for that cool, giant swan pool float. PLAs are search ads, but are focused on product and price. PLAs have been around for a while, but with shifts in consumer behavior, they have become major drivers of product engagement.

  • Google Shopping Campaigns (PLAs) were 43% of Google search ad clicks and 70% of non-brand clicks for retailers in Q1 2016 (source).
  • Retailer’s revenue from Google Shopping campaigns was up 52% YoY in Q1 2016.
  • Google has expanded the appearance of PLAs on phones, driving massive spend and click growth on mobile. Both metrics were up 150+% in Q1 2016.

PLA growth is important to note for anyone playing in the eCommerce or digital advertising space. It speaks to the expectations that brands make it instant and seamless to find and buy products. Regardless of when and where they’re browsing, consumers want the ability to instantly learn about products. They need brands to be “always on”.

And, of course, this is exciting and important at Okanjo. Our Product Match placements are similar to PLAs. Rather than running on search results, Product Match places products next to relevant content on publisher sites. This helps consumers discover and engage in a powerful and organic way. We think it’s the future. Product placements are ad options that provide instant access to exciting products in a way that enhances user experience.