Mobile Or Bust




This week many small and medium-sized businesses will see a decrease in exposure and traffic following Google’s new update to its search engine algorithm. Hailed as Mobilegeddon, this new change has been examined to no end because its impact is significant.

With this week’s update, Google is drawing a line in the sand by favoring mobile-friendly websites in mobile search results to meet the increase the change in how users access information:

  • 60% of online traffic now comes from mobile (Business Insider)
  • 48% of consumers start their shopping process with mobile search (Google)
  • 82% of mobile shoppers use search to influence their purchase decisions (Google)

A business will lose position in mobile search rankings if they lack a mobile-friendly website. In mobile results, the top three listings receive 58% of clicks and have much higher click through rates. If a business drops out of these rankings, it will see a significant loss of web traffic.

This will be a problem for businesses of all sizes, but for small and local businesses, it will be especially painful. Without organic traffic from Google, there are few consistent ways to drive traffic. Google’s change should force businesses to fully integrate and commit to mobile. This means:

If you don’t have a mobile website, it’s time. This Google change is the tip of the iceberg. The bias towards mobile will only get sharper. If you aren’t mobile friendly, you will lose customers. Whether you’re a fashion boutique or a pet supply store, you must have a mobile presence. Some encouragement:

  • 72% of users who search for local information on smartphones visit a store within 5 miles (Google)
  • 50% of users who conduct a local search on their smartphone visit a store within a day (Google)
  • 93% of customers who begin with mobile research go on to purchase, either online or in-store (Google)

eCommerce is just as important as mobile. Customers want to find you on mobile; they want to browse your products and they want to purchase. Customers also want to interact instantly. If your products aren’t available when they’re looking, they’ll move on to the next option.

Diversify your traffic sources. A business website on its own is like a store in the middle of nowhere —you need to tap into sources of traffic. Google is a big part of this, but now is the time to explore other places that you can grab traffic. Our favorite — online media publishers.

The bottom line is that Google has made the mobile world official. It’s exciting, and the businesses who acknowledge and adjust now are going to be set up to compete and grow.

Want to see if your site, or a specific page on your site cuts Google’s mobile-friendly mustard? Check it here.