eCommerce Cliff Notes…You Need Them!

From “Buyable Pins” on Pinterest to “Buy” buttons on Facebook, it seems every social network is looking to offer an eCommerce feature to merchants.

With everyone trying to join the eCommerce game, we thought it would be helpful to host an AMA on this topic. We handpicked a few large platforms to highlight; Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy.

  • Pinterest, the five-year-old photo sharing network, known for being a tool of inspiration and to help with product discovery, has taken the next logical step and has made products shoppable – But not for everyone…
  • Facebook has been a great tool for SMBs when it comes to building their presence online, but lately it has been more difficult to get real reach and exposure on the platform. Facebook rolled out their “Buy Now” button which seemed like a good tool. But, SMBs can’t on Facebook sell if they can’t be seen.
  • Instagram, the belle of the ball, is the fastest growing social platform (the app topped 300 million users this year) – but unlike the other social networks, Instagram has been hesitant to roll out ads, which means it’s an equal playing field for SMBs and big companies alike.

Want to know what eCommerce features have been rolled out by these platforms lately? Or, how SMBs in and online publishers are interacting with these eCommerce features? Take a look at our full AMA here for a complete recap of our discussion. And stay tuned, we’ll have another exciting AMA in the new year!

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eCommerceMegan Baylerian