Don’t Miss The eCommerce Madness

It’s no secret, March madness is huge. It’s one big party that everyone wants to be a part of, a tornado of school pride and bracket busters. It takes the country by storm, causing office productivity to dwindle and IT departments to work overtime.

All of the above is why we decided to devote our 6th AMA to March Madness and the eCommerce opportunities that it brings.

It comes as no surprise that March Madness has grown into the single most important revenue generator for the NCAA, driving an incredible 94 percent of the organization’s nearly $1 billion annual income.

In regards to merchandise, the tournament accounts for a big portion of the NCAA basketball business. Sports merchandise retailers, like Fanatics, see a spike in sales of fan gear during the three weeks of the tournament. Online sales flourish because eCommerce taps into “want-to-buy” micro-moments. Now more than ever, consumers have their phones or tablets with them while watching TV, allowing them to buy, on-demand. 

To illustrate: During last year’s tournament, 66% percent of Kentucky team apparel sales (the projected winner the weekend before the Final Four), happened on mobile devices. That was up from 56% in 2014.

Fans want to buy gear after a win. Providing opportunities for readers to discover and purchase fan gear turns your publication into a resource. eCommerce next to online sports content is a value-add, not just for advertisers, but for your readers.

There is still time to integrate eCommerce and take advantage of the madness. Don’t sit out of the Big Dance.

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