Don’t Hire An eCommerce Editor: Introducing Pressed By Okanjo

To put it simply: Online advertising is under pressure and Publishers are looking to boost revenue. That is why there has been a hiring boom of eCommerce Editors.

What exactly is an eCommerce Editor?

The job description may vary depending on the company, however, their main objective is to create commerce-minded content. eCommerce Editors write articles and blog posts around products, helping drive product sales and earn advertising revenue. 

Effective eCommerce content requires strategy, good writing, man hours and development work. Finding and curating products is a job in itself. And, it’s not easy to create relatable content that trends with millennials and drives clicks (which is why Kinja has to resort to writing about slow cookers). Plus, you have to pay an eCommerce editor.  

The intersection of content and commerce, that’s where we come in.

Introducing Pressed.

We have the content, the products, the code and the time to help you push commerce content. We have a pulse on what’s hot and provide exclusive pieces to help you engage with new audiences. Our writers cover everything from consumer trends and tech to pop culture, fashion and sports. Pressed packages everything a publisher needs in terms of interesting content that drives eCommerce. 

Of course it’s easy. 

Relatable content paired with quality products, with ways for publishers to access our content:

  1. RSS: Use our RSS feed to automatically and instantly receive all Pressed content
  2. Copy and Paste: We provide the HTML code, which contains all titles, copy, images and product placements. You take our HTML code, paste into the CMS you use and publish

Feeling Pressed? Take a look at some samples, browse our schedule and let’s talk.

eCommerceMegan Baylerian