Betting On eCommerce

Online publishers, of all sizes, are betting big on eCommerce. Major sites like Vox and Business Insider have begun to rely on eCommerce strategies to drive a large chunk of revenue. It’s not a small shift; Gawker generated $10 million in revenue from eCommerce in 2015.

Why eCommerce? Two over-arching changes:

1) Consumers have changed
We’re demanding—we want instant gratification. We have been trained to expect the products we “need” (or that we may eventually need) to be available to us everywhere and at any time. It’s no longer a leap for a reader to interact with and purchase products from a publisher’s site. Adding curated eCommerce opportunities provides value to readers.

2) Display is not enough
To drive revenue, online publishers have traditionally relied on some form of display advertising. But it’s gotten out of control. Publishers pages are saturated with ads. To stand out, display ads have become bigger, more interruptive and just plain obnoxious. However, thoughtful product placements enhance the reader experience —the cornerstone of a publisher’s brand.

eCommerce opens new revenue streams for online publishers because it serves the needs of the evolving consumer. In short order, eCommerce will be a part of the digital mix for most online publishers. We’ll keep you posted on this shift, we live right in the middle of it.

eCommerceMegan Baylerian