Be Proactive With Product Distribution

There are a million posts out there telling you how important it is to have an online store. You already know about online shopping and the world of eCommerce. Let’s discuss something much less covered: Product Distribution.

Product Distribution is placing your products on other websites. It takes many forms: marketplace listings, affiliate marketing, Google Shopping, Facebook Shop and content partnerships. This is different from online advertising that pulls customers to your site. Product Distribution puts your product information right in front of customers.

It’s often overlooked, but Product Distribution is powerful. It allows you to meet customers where they are, on their terms. They discover and engage with your products and brands in their own ecosystem.

The evolving digital consumer expects your product and your brand to be present when they’re ready to learn more or purchase. This is the basis of those micro-moments Google keeps telling us about. Putting your products in the right place at the right time caters to these moments and drives high levels of engagement. On our Product Discovery Network we see average click through rates of 1.09%, that’s 15x higher than what standard display ads see (0.05-0.07%).

To drive interest and serve today’s consumers, you need to get your products in front of them. It’s time to include Product Distribution in your digital advertising strategy, no matter the size of your brand or business. Start thinking about pushing your products out, not just pulling your customers in, with advertising.