Andreessen-Horowitz Is Excited About Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces may seem pedestrian, but we haven’t yet scratched the surface of their functionality, importance or impact on how we shop. It’s not just us at Okanjo who recognize the power and potential of the online marketplace. Earlier this month, online marketplaces were featured on Andreessen Horowitz’s 16 Things list of the hottest trends in tech (Andreessen Horowitz is the famed VC firm who’s backed the likes of BellyBoxAirbnblyftGitHub).

The 16 Things list highlights the 16 trends Andreessen Horowitz partners find most groundbreaking and exciting.

Among obvious choices like Virtual Reality, Crowdfunding and the Internet of Things, Online Marketplaces made the cut on this year’s list. A few reasons why:

  • Targeting – The traditional marketplace is a place for anyone and everyone to buy and sell. This leaves the door open for the growth of smaller, more focused marketplaces to crop up to fit different demographics. There is opportunity aplenty to build marketplaces that target specific customer segments.
  • Mobile – Mobile mobile mobile. Marketplaces that offer a superior mobile experience lend themselves to “constant grazing of marketplace content throughout the day.” Constant grazing = more users = more sales = more marketplace success.
  • More Than Just “Things” – There are markets in everything. Meaning there’s room for marketplaces that feature services and move behind buying and selling physical goods. A marketplace can help sell just about anything.

We love this at Okanjo because this is what we’re doing, reinventing marketplaces and empowering publications to integrate them into their content and actually use them. Check out why Andreessen Horowitz is hot on Online Marketplaces, and then browse through the entire 16 Things list.

Tech TrendsMegan Baylerian