AMA – Selling eCommerce To SMBs

Okanjo’s Native Commerce platform enables premium publishers to become eCommerce hubs for their communities. We equip them to sell best-in-class Storefronts and product visibility tools to area SMBs. The premium publishers we work with have quality content to leverage and over years and years, have built community trust. Allowing area SMBs to tap into this traffic and trust to showcase and sell their products is a natural fit.

But, targeting and educating SMBs can be a tall order. That’s why Okanjo’s Customer Success Team works relentlessly to help equip publishers and make onboarding SMBs easier. Last week, we ran an “AMA” session for our publishers on selling eCommerce to local SMBs. This live Q&A session gave our publisher partners a chance to talk through the sales hurdles they’re facing in their markets.

Some of the items we covered:

  • How to target local businesses
  • What types of SMBs need eCommerce the most and what products perform best (one highlight: tickets)
  • How to build a pitch that leverages the premium publisher’s website traffic and community trust
  • How Webrooming and “click and collect” trends apply to local SMBs
  • Thoughts on eCommerce’s role in holiday shopping

These topics come up for every publisher, in every market. The Okanjo team has tried and tested answers. If you missed the session or if you need any advice on local eCommerce, check out the complete list of questions and answers here.

We’ll be running our next AMA session in early November. Stay tuned, we’d love to have you join us!

Sidenote: Our AMA session was held on our awesome new Publisher Slack Channel. This channel is set up specifically to give our partners a direct line to our team and give us a chance to share best practices, industry info and product updates. Want to join? Apply here.

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