5 Different Ways To Reach Your Readers

When producing content, it’s important to remember there are many different ways to reach your readers. Not everyone consumes content the same way. Think of a recipe for example—some prefer to read the steps in a list form, others paragraph, and some would prefer to follow along with a video or picture format.

It is no different for inline content—some would prefer listicles, an article on the Internet presented in the form of a numbered or bullet-pointed list (think Buzzfeed). Others would prefer to read a 300-word blog post, or even dive into a written mini-series (like the LA Times 6-part series, Framed).

Below are 5 ways to reach your readers and the benefit they provide:


Larger mobile screens mean more people are consuming video. In fact, video consumption on screens larger than 4.5 inches was 44% greater than that on smaller phones. Where is the benefit in incorporating video on your site? For one, digital video is the way to building digital ad revenue and it provides a visual opponent to the story that you miss in list form or standard written format.


Younger readers have grown up in a time where short form content is the norm. They are used to checking news content far more frequently, for bite-sized, easily digestible news. Also, most are checking out content via mobile phone, which makes listicles a more desirable method of consumption.


Some ideas need more than words, and people have shown to respond well to visual content. Slideshows are easy to create and easy to consume. Another benefit? Slideshows increase your page views. Word of caution — don’t overdo it with slideshows, make sure they’re not slow to load and make sure they’re not too long. Slideshows see a high level of abandonment when done haphazardly. 


Thanks to the ever so popular podcasts such as This American Life and Serial, this media form is becoming a bit more mainstream—roughly 57 million Americans listen to them on a regular basis. Plus, in a world where we are always doing more than one thing at a time, podcasts are a perfect fit for our multi-tasking society.

Written Miniseries

Have a really interesting story or report? Turn it into a miniseries and keep your readers coming back for more. The LA Times recently released Framed, a mystery told in 6 parts. The Times released one chapter a day, giving readers a reason to return to the site each day to read the newly released chapter. This format also gives publishers an opportunity to require email opt-in to continue reading.

Whether your publication dabbles in a few or all of these formats, the best way to keep everyone satisfied is to mix it up and keep it fresh.