2016 Summer Olympics Content Decathlon

News around the 2016 Summer Olympics has been buzzing for months; Who’s in, who’s out, what’s in the air, and what’s in the water, but come August 5th, all distractions will rest and the games will begin.

But the content and coverage won’t slow down and the media consumption will only speed up. There will be a slew of interest and stories around scores, standings, surprises and scandals. This brings a great opportunity for publishers and content marketing. 

Content marketing (with some good old eCommerce in the mix) is one of the best ways to capitalize on big events, like The Olympics. However, it’s not necessarily easy. Effective eCommerce content requires strategy, good writing, man hours and development work.

That’s where Okanjo comes in—we have the content, the products, the code and the time to help you make it happen. From pre-written stories and product guides to dynamic eCommerce widgets, we make transforming content into commerce a breeze.

Just in time for the 2016 Summer Olympics, we are releasing our content marketing package: Olympic Content Decathlon. What is a content decathlon? It’s a collection of native content pieces about The Olympics. We cover everything from Obscure Olympic Events, 5 Ways to Throw a Gold Medal Party and Golf… It’s Back. Our content keeps your readers entertained, engaged and excited.

Using our content is as simple as copy and paste. Better yet — it’s free and provides new ad sales and programmatic opportunities for your publication.

Get in touch with us and start running your content decathlon today!